Our work is divided into 3 project lines


The scholarship program enables committed young people from poor backgrounds to gain access to a university or technical education.


In the sustainability education program, we use participatory education activities to promote critical discussion of important social and environmental issues.

Scholarship Program

Education at university is for many young people in the department of Morazán their greatest and – for financial reasons – unfortunately almost always unrealizable dream in life. However, the region is in urgent need of well-educated young people who can bring change. That is why Consciente has launched a scholarship program in the department. Young people complete an education at a technical college or university and are either supported financially (individual scholarships) or get offered a room in one of the residences of Consciente’s student housing project.

Projects in the scholarship program

Individual Scholarships

People from Switzerland and Germany enable committed young people from poor backgrounds in the department of Morazán to receive a technical or university education.

Student dormitory

In three residences, young people from poor and remote communities are given room and board so that they can continue their education.

Program for educational innovation

El Salvador is struggling with a severely deficient education system. Teachers are often insufficiently trained in subject matter and didactics and are overburdened with the large and heterogeneous classes. As a result, young people are often barely able to read, write or do math after completing elementary school. In our program for innovative education, we try to improve the quality of education in public schools with creative ideas.

Projects in the educational innovation program

Portal Educativo Estudiantil

The Portal Educativo Estudiantil contributes to the competence development of students in public elementary school in El Salvador through effective learning environments.

Portal Educativo Docente

The Educativo Docente portal trains teachers professionally and didactically and contributes in the long term to the development of teaching in public elementary school.

QUEST (Quality Education)

In the QUEST project (Quality Education with Salvadoran Teachers) continuing education programs for teachers are being developed, piloted and scientifically evaluated in cooperation with the University of Bern and the University of Teacher Education Zug.

Sustainability Education Program

T he Sustainability Education Program combines education with social engagement. A range of workshops, seminars, forums and congresses encourages young people to think about important social issues and to become active in promoting change themselves. The focus is on key issues such as gender equality, violence, environmental protection, social engagement, health and political participation.

Projects in the Sustainability Education Program

Education at eye level

Through “education at eye level” we empower young people to strengthen their own vision of sustainable development and become agents of social change.

Health Education

Consciente offers workshops and education on topics related to preventive medicine and personal responsibility in health matters.

Project partners in Switzerland

Project partners in El Salvador