• Quality education for all
    in El Salvador

  • Our project lines:

    • Program for educational innovation
    • Scholarship Program
    • Sustainability Education Program

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Quality education for all
in El Salvador

Consciente: An initiative for quality education for all

What do we do?

We are promoting equal opportunities in access to education and to improving the quality of education. Our work is characterized by a high level of voluntary commitment and a strong focus on scientific evidence.

Who are we?

Our projects are coordinated by a dynamic interdisciplinary team in El Salvador, financially supported by a voluntary-based association in Switzerland.

Where do we work?

Consciente is active in the department of Morazán in the northeast of El Salvador. Morazán has about 200,000 inhabitants and is one of the poorest regions of the country.

Evaluation & Evidence

Our work is guided by the “Innovate, test, then scale” approach. This means that we first send our projects into a trial phase in which they are evaluated using scientific methods. This is how we ensure that our work is effective.


El Salvador


Morazán, our location

Our project lines

Program for Educational Innovation

The Educational Innovation Program uses creative ideas to improve the quality of education in local schools.

Scholarship Program

Our Scholarship Program enables dedicated young people from poor backgrounds to pursue technical or university education.

Sustainability Education Program

In the Sustainability Education Program, we use participatory education activities to promote discussion of important social and environmental issues.

Our philosophy

Education as the key to the future

In our view, a good education that is accessible to all is the prerequisite for young people to take their future into their own hands and improve their living conditions through their own efforts.

Our focus

  • Enabling equal access to education for all
  • Improving the quality of education in local schools
  • Promoting discussion on important social and environmental issues

Voluntary engagement

The supporting association in Switzerland works completely on a voluntary basis. Thus almost 100% of donations can be used locally.

We are always open for new ideas and commitment on an equal footing, be it in Switzerland or El Salvador. Contact us if you are interested!

Work at eye level

Consciente cultivates a culture of cooperation at eye level in all its activities. Our support work is carried out in the spirit of self-empowerment for critical thinking and autonomous action.

Evidence-based approach

Consciente is one of the first Swiss organizations to adopt an evidence-based approach.

Our projects are designed on the basis of empirical evidence and are carefully evaluated using scientific methods. For evaluation studies, Consciente collaborates with independent research institutions such as the University of Bern.