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Form: Become a sponsor and fund a scholarship

    Type of the scholarship

    Normal ScholarshipPersonal Scholarship

    In a personal scholarship, we will assign a scholarship holder directly to you. This means that you will receive a personal letter from this person every year and can enter into an exchange with him or her (knowledge of Spanish is an advantage)..


    Full scholarship: 100-160 CHF per monthPartial scholarship: 25-95 CHF per month

    If you wish, you can define here the desired or maximum monthly support amount (in CHF):
    Partial scholarship: 25-95 CHF per month

    Personal details


    I speak Spanish

    Consciente scholarships

    The amount of a scholarship corresponds to the monthly payment to the local scholarship holder in US dollars.


    • Full scholarship

      100-160 CHF per month

    • Partial scholarship

      25-95 CHF per month

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