Crowdfunding for Emergency Aid in El Salvador

COVID-19 Emergency Aid Campaign

The coronavirus pandemic lockdown in El Salvador threatens to turn into a humanitarian disaster. Consciente launched a local emergency aid campaign to support the most vulnerable people and families with basic foods and hygiene products. Support us with a donation and help the local volunteers to prevent the worst!

One food package costs $10 and contains around 50 meals to support a family or household.

Consciente distributes food packages with basic products such as rice, beans, corn flour and soap.

Donations received (Goal: $31,000)

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Account Details for Donations

Donations to our bank account for the crowdfunding campaign should contain the subject “COVID-19 Emergency Aid”.

Donation Account in Euros (EUR)

Account number: 91-193127-2
IBAN: CH98 0900 0000 9119 3127 2
Account Name: Consciente – Unterstützungsverein El Salvador, Bern
Bank name: PostFinance AG, Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern
euroSIC Clearing number.: 090002

Donation Account in Swiss Francs (CHF)

Account number: 61-755964-1
IBAN: CH23 0900 0000 6175 5964 1
Account Name: Consciente – Unterstützungsverein El Salvador 

Further information about Consciente and COVID-19

The current situation in El Salvador

The COVID-19 lockdown in El Salvador threatens to become a humanitarian disaster: Poor health systems, lack of infrastructure and widespread poverty make it difficult to adequately protect people.

Since the end of March, the entire population of El Salvador has been put under preventive quarantine and since then large parts of the economy are at standstill. For the majority of workers this means an abrupt end to their income and thus to their livelihood. As a consequence many people simply don’t know how to feed themselves and their families.

Our local team reacted quickly and launched an emergency aid campaign to provide the most severely affected with basic food and hygiene products. Support our campaign and help people in El Salvador to stay at home and get through this crisis.

How does it affect our projects?

The current crisis situation poses great challenges for our running projects. Our coordination team in El Salvador is working with great devotion from home to adapt and advance the projects.

For the students in the scholarship programme classes continue digitally. Our efforts are currently focused on ensuring that the students have Internet access so that they can continue to attend their classes.

In the CAL-IMPACT project, school closures call for particular creativity to adapt to the situation: Our teachers are currently working from home to produce educational videos and other teaching materials. An online platform has been set up to assign work to each teacher, whilst helping them in continuing their individual training.

In the programme for sustainability education, new workshops are developed and existing workshops are refined. Our local team places particular emphasis on teaching methods and develops new approaches for the creative and interactive communication of the workshop contents.

Our health education project “Consciente médico” has spontaneously taken on a new and extremely important task: to inform people about how they can protect themselves and others from infection.