International volunteering with Consciente

Volunteering at Consciente

Hosting international volunteers in El Salvador throughout the year, we are looking for dynamic, creative, tolerant and independent individuals who do not wait to be told exactly what to do.

Volunteers are very free to shape their involvement with Consciente, but they are expected to be proactive according to their skills and competencies and to contribute creatively to the work in the organization. They can get involved in all project lines and are also encouraged to contribute their personal competencies and skills in a project of their own. As this is an educational project, volunteers with teaching experience are especially welcome (but no professional qualifications are necessary).

Conditions of participation

For the participation in the North-South exchange we and our partner organization SCI (Service Civil International) set high requirements for the volunteers. The following guidelines give you an overview of the most important conditions:

  • Good knowledge of Spanish is essential
  • For your stay you should plan at least three months
  • Participation in the North-South Seminar of SCI-Switzerland
  • Minimum age of 20 years
  • Openness and the willingness to get involved in the local culture for several months
  • You see your stay as an opportunity for mutual exchange and social engagement and not primarily as a vacation trip
  • Further participation requirements:

Service Civil International (SCI)

SCI Switzerland is an indispensable partner for our volunteer assignments. It takes over the volunteer support, from acquisition and serious advice to the concrete preparation of the volunteers.

In addition to placing Swiss volunteers with Consciente, SCI Switzerland offers other exciting volunteer opportunities around the world. From a two-week short-term to a one-year long-term assignment, with SCI Switzerland you will discover the world from another side and support social, ecological and cultural projects through volunteering.

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20 Volunteers

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